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Terms & Conditions

Unless otherwise modified by the terms and conditions of any authorized and participating courier’s service and product, the following terms and conditions of carriage (“General Terms and Conditions”) shall govern the shipment of all products and services.

  1. Terms
    Where used in these General Terms and Conditions or the specific terms and conditions applicable to any participating couriers product, the following words or phrases shall mean:
    1. “Authorized Courier” refers to all courier companies approved by PUDO Inc. at its sole discretion to be included in the PUDO Inc. Handling Program;
    2. “Business Day” means PUDO Inc. per store operating hours, Monday through Friday and does not include weekends or statutory holidays.
    3. “Consignee” refers to the person to whom the shipment is sent;
    4. “Convention” means the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules relating to International Carriage by Air signed at Warsaw, Poland, October 12, 1929, as amended by the Hague Protocol 1955, which may apply to the carriage of international shipments and, in most cases, will limit the liability of PUDO Inc. in respect of loss or damage to such shipments;
    5. “PUDO Inc.” shall include any participating carrier who PUDO Inc. acts solely as a handling agent and may contract with to transport or deliver any particular shipment;
    6. “Package” refers to any single container or envelope accepted by PUDO Inc. for delivery or hold for customer pick up;
    7. “Shipment” refers to one or more packages traveling under a single Waybill to one Consignee;
    8. “Shipper” refers to the person sending the shipment; and
    9. “Waybill” shall include any shipping document, label, waybill, manifest, bill of lading or similar item used by PUDO Inc. on behalf of its participating couriers in the provision of its courier services.
    10. “GSA” refers to PUDO Inc. acting as the General Sales Agent for any participating courier and or supplier.
    11. “GHA” refers to PUDO Inc. acting as the General Handling Agent for any participating courier and or supplier.

  2. Services
    PUDO Inc. provides GHA and GSA services to contracted and participating courier companies and may provide same services to other suppliers contracted or licensed by PUDO Inc.. PUDO Inc. provides GHA services on behalf of any registered PUDO Inc. Members, this includes receipt, handling and storage of courier deliveries consigned to the registered PUDO Members. Deliveries are accepted from Authorized Couriers as PUDO may include in the List of Authorized Couriers from time to time. PUDO Inc. may extend GHA or GSA services to any local or regional courier company that has been approved and contracted by/to PUDO Inc.. All GHA and GSA services are provided for and between participating couriers, their customers, consignees and any registered PUDO Inc. Member, resident or business in accordance with:
    1. Terms and conditions set out in these General Terms and Conditions;
    2. The terms and conditions applicable to the particular participating courier product being used;
    3. The applicable Participating Courier’s Rate Schedule; and
    4. The applicable participating Courier’s Schedule of Additional Charges; in effect at the time that the shipment originates. In the event of a conflict or variation between these General Terms and Conditions and the terms and conditions applicable to the particular participating or recognized non-participating courier product or service being used, the latter shall govern.

  3. Applicable Law
    These General Terms and Conditions, as well as the specific terms and conditions applicable to any PUDO Inc. authorized courier product, shall be deemed to include and be governed by applicable federal or provincial laws, including, in the case of ground shipments, public commercial vehicle legislation and regulations of such jurisdiction, or, in the case of shipments which travel internationally by air, the Carriage by Air Act (Canada) and the Convention.

  4. Rate Applications and Conditions
    Subject to any discounts that may be offered by PUDO Inc. or any participating courier or supplier, the shipper agrees to pay the applicable participating couriers shipping rates in effect at the time that the shipment originates.GHA services provide for the safe storage and hold for consignee counter pick up during store operating hours. Unless the consignee is registered with PUDO Inc., the participating courier will notify the consignee of the shipment being made available and PUDO Inc. will hold the shipment up to 5 business days without cost to the consignee. Unless arrangements are made with PUDO to hold the shipment for a longer period than 5 business days, the shipment will be returned to the participating courier. PUDO reserves the right to add applicable holding charges after 5 business days to either the participating courier or consignee.Registered Members
    Upon receipt of a shipment, PUDO Inc. will notify the registered Member as per their designated Preferred Method of Notification and hold the shipment for counter pick up during store operating hours for up to five business days for the registered Member. PUDO Inc. defines five business days as the day of receipt plus and including the end of the following business day. In the event the registered Member does not pick up their shipment during the initial five business days, other than the applicable storage cost in effect at the time, the Member understands that PUDO Inc. will levy a storage/holding cost per day, per shipment commencing from the start of business day six. PUDO Inc. will hold the shipment for a maximum of ten business days and unless the registered Member has made arrangements with PUDO Inc. to hold the shipment for a longer period, PUDO Inc. reserves the right to return the Member shipment to the shipper (at the shippers cost) or destroy any shipment that has not been retrieved by the registered Member after 10 business days.Prior to the return and/or destruction of any registered Member shipment, and at the sole discretion of PUDO Inc., PUDO Inc. will make all reasonable attempts to contact the registered Member.

  5. Indemnification
    The Shipper and Participating Couriers or Registered PUDO Inc. Members using a PUDO Inc. address to receive and hold any shipment for pick up, shall indemnify and save harmless PUDO Inc. and its affiliates and their respective directors, officers, employees or agents (each, an “Indemnified Party”) from all losses, damages and costs, including all legal fees and disbursements, suffered or incurred by an Indemnified Party, which results, either directly or indirectly, from any default by the Shipper or the Consignee of any of their respective obligations under these General Terms and Conditions or those of any particular participating or recognized courier

  6. Confirmation of General Terms and Conditions
    All of the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions other than those specifically amended herein are hereby confirmed and ratified in all respects and shall continue in full force and effect.